Independent Information Management Dealers Association

Fall 2014
Our fall 2014 meeting is rapidly approaching and is packed with information and activities that will captivate our members. We will converge on Hershey, in beautiful central Pennsylvania for the last weekend in September. We’ll visit the IMR facility in Hazelton and discuss industry trends and what lies ahead in our Future Shock segment, holding true to our goal of excellence in business, by leading through experience, vision, innovation and collaboration.

Spring 2014
Some of the greatest minds in the document management industry converged in Santa Fe, NM for our Spring meeting last April, which featured an in depth panel discussion on the value proposition and benefits of having Certified PMP’s on your staff. Our industry relevant segments also included ways to solve complex problems and to predict and plan future developments in the area of document management and Business Process.

We're in the process of mapping out our 2015 meetings...
Stay tuned!



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The question isn't why deal with an IIMDA member, the question is why would you want to deal with anyone else!

IIMDA is the oldest and largest dealer group dedicated to the document management and information management industry. 

IIMDA members digitize over 350 million images per year;

Share over 600 combined years of professional business experience;

Successfully installed over 2,700 EDM solutions;

Superior support with over 1,100 hours spent annually on training


President's Message:

As we move from 2014 into 2015 with our new Executive Board we’ll be faced with many of the usual challenges faced by businesses today. What makes the IIMDA experience unique is that in addition to the day to day obstacles we encounter, we’ll be looking into the future to understand and create opportunities that can be leveraged into solving real life business applications.

For 2014 our goal is to identify new business opportunities, recognize industry trends and leverage this information for the use and benefit of our clients' ever changing business needs. We also want to grow our membership over the next year. The members attending our meetings will deliver real, usable ideas and applications that can be used to implement procedures and processes that produce quantifiable results.

To add additional value to our membership, we have scheduled visits to member’s facilities. Each of our fall meetings will be located in a member’s hometown and include a visit through their facility.

In February 2015, our Executive Board will meet to map our future meetings, plan our agendas and announce our meeting locations and dates.

Thank you all for your support and continued participation with the IIMDA organization and I look forward to seeing you in the spring!!

Wishing prosperity to all,

Jim Altig
Board President




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