Friday reception sponsored by Datamart

Friday reception sponsored by Datamart


IIMDA conducted its Spring 2016 “think tank” meeting at the Hotel Vancouver Fairmont in Vancouver, BC, on April 9 11, 2016.

As usual, the meeting was designed to consider how to best deliver the best solutions within the ECM/EDM market. IIMDA has been conducting meetings for over forty years and its members have been committed and involved in the ever changing technology of the solution set.

Particular emphasis was made at this meeting on the concept of best methods of gaining true understanding of the “real” problem before even formally proposing a solution. Industry analysis consistently shows that by doing this, there is a very enhanced quality of solution and client satisfaction. Business Analysis (BA) is increasingly becoming not just a buzzword acronym, but a “first domino” in any solution.

Saturday reception sponsored byNewWave

Saturday reception sponsored by NewWave


Of course, the best solutions can only be provided by healthy solution providers. So time is dedicated at every meeting to the development of best business methodologies for IIMDA members to be successful, both for themselves as well as their clients.

Consistent throughout the discussions, both for client solutions and well as healthy members, the concept of “LEAN” was a backbone of each session.

Experience and new ideas are fundamental to any “think tank” concept. To this end, IIMDA continues to seek new members in the form of organizations which can contribute to IIMDA, its members and clients.

Our next meeting will be in Kansas City on October 21-23, 2016.

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