Meeting Content

At its core, IIMDA is an industry think tank and the composition of our membership allows us to structure our meetings so that they align with that ideology. As a result, our members experience growth and a position of industry leadership.

“The wealth of experience and intelligence of the members make this my go-to peer group meeting!”


Paul Engel
ECM Regional Director, BPO Services, Konica Minolta

“IOS has always found IIMDA to be unrivalled as a source for both providing and receiving information for content services that is literally unavailable anywhere else”


John Trimble
VP Sales, Imaging Office Systems

“The IIMDA Group assists DRS to look into the future and become pro-active to the marketplace instead of reactive.”


Jim Sheridan
EVP, DRS Imaging

“IIMDA has provided AMI with countless ideas on how to succeed in the ever-changing world of content services.”

Leah Swartzbaugh
VP, AMI Imaging

“IIMDA has been an incredible resource for industry insight, education and life-long friendships.”

Beau Brazier
Integra PaperLESS

“We have learned a lot about how other solution providers are making their client’s lives easier with a mix of technology and services.”

Brant Rathe
President, Revolution Data Systems

“IIMDA has benefited our company by allowing us the rare opportunity to share experiences, best practices and wisdom with an elite group of knowledgeable, trusted and talented people in our industry.”

Steve Todd
Director, Polar Imaging Systems

“IIMDA serves as the ultimate industry sounding board as well as an incredible source for new ideas and market trends from like companies across the country.”

Matt Solomon
CEO, Advanced Imaging Systems

The content delivered at our meetings is designed to touch on all areas of our memebers’ businesses by focusing on the following themes:


The who, what, where, when, why, and how of effective sales and marketing. What we sell and how we sell it is constantly evolving and whether you are an established giant or a start-up, ignoring these changes are disastrous.



Focusing on how you’ll make or break your profits in such areas as your back-off, employee management, culture development and business processes.


It’s a brave new world out there. What does your company need to be planning on doing far more of? What will you be doing tomorrow to generate revenue? What new technologies or services will allow you to be more “sticky” with your clients?



  • The Challenger Sale “Taking Control of the Customer Conversation”
  • RPA Demonstration and Partnership Opportunities
  • Can We Stop Calling Everything a Lead – Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Cybersecurity – Hot Trends and Big Risks
  • Company Culture
  • New Markets, Trends and Applications
  • Improving Internal Processes
  • New Software to Help You Grow
  • Growth through Account Management
  • Blockchain
  • RPA for Your Service Bureau
  • Disruptors – Friend or Foe?
  • 5G & The Gig Economy


  • Building strategic partnerships
  • Benchmarking salespeople
  • Presentation skills
  • Website reviews and best practices
  • Maintenance revenue for customizations and integrations
  • How to reduce service bureau labor costs
  • Sales use tax
  • How to avoid burnout


  • Voting on new IIMDA Board Member
  • Building your business through partnerships
  • “Good – Better – Best” pricing models to level the playing field of competition and reduce novice buyer confusion
  • Bonus plans for your service bureau staff that drive the right behaviours
  • Robotic Process Engineering (RPA) – Thoughts from the field
  • Is Inbound Marketing the best and last remaining road to appointment generation?
  • Using Inbound Marketing to grow your reach and get a measurable increase in ROI with special guest speaker Niti Shah, Senior Marketing Manager with HubSpot.
  • The value proposition of PSIGEN’s advanced capture software
  • Pretend it’s 2021, what is your service bureau scanning?
  • Where are good people going to come from to replenish your ranks as key people retire?
  • How can tools like RPA be used to offset labor issues in your service bureau?
  • How to maintain and attract top talent?
  • Recap of the latest industry terminology. Which terms are simply marketing “fluff” and which ones are actually meaningful?


  • Do You Really Understand Modern Procurement Processes?
  • Are You Secure and Compliant Enough to Close the Deal?
  • Billing Strategies to Keep Cash Flow Moving for Large System and Professional Services Implementations.
  • Update on Scan to Zero and Data Acquisition
  • Roundtable on how your business is working to improve your margins?
  • Marketing Is a Problem. Problems Need to Be Solved.
  • How do you maintain or create a sexy, challenging work environment with limited resources to attract and keep younger in-demand employees?
  • B2B Digital Marketing Strategy, with special guest speaker
  • An introduction to Kofax Kapow, a leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution.
  • How to Mitigate Disruption to your Business Models.


  • Revenue Diversification
  • Who owns the main responsibility for demand creation in today’s world, corporate or the salesperson?
  • Scanning Margins: coping with higher labor costs while scanning pricing falls.
  • What does modern project costing now have to accommodate?
  • What to look for in an internet marketing partner.
  • Cannibals in our midst: Vendor consolidation and what it means to our companies
  • Five things they would ask you to be hyper-aware of when selling your company.
  • “Product” can be the enemy as it is easy to sign up but a massive commitment to training sales and service. Despite that, great new products do emerge. What new product would fill the biggest hole in your solution set if it did magically appear?


  • The ECM Maturity Model
  • Introduction to Content and Inbound Marketing
  • Do tradeshows still have value and how do you stand out?
  • Support (SMA) Agreements: What’s the perforated line in what’s covered? What must they include to protect your relationship with the Customer?
  • Should you be doing more lead gen as a company allowing you to have fewer salespeople? Is this the immediate future?
  • Working with Millennials
  • How Are You Creating RECURRING revenue versus RE-OCCURRING revenue?
  • Lean business (discussion on Everything I Learned about Lean I learned in 1st grade)
  • Differentiation: Clients assume that vendors have similar Quality – Cost – Dependability so the challenge is to differentiate on Flexibility – Innovation – Velocity
  • Why IIMDA companies would be well served to view themselves every year as a startup and what does this imply.