In a world that is ever changing, I am so thankful to have IIMDA as part of my life and business. This group of Type A individuals have not only helped my company, AMI Imaging Systems, in numerous ways, they have helped every member of the “think tank” in one way, shape or form.

Initially, we were started by independent dealers located across the U.S. that sold mainly Canon micrographic reader/printers and filmers. Wow, how we have changed. Today we have evolved into companies throughout the U.S. and Canada that sell software that can run an entire enterprise organization. That said, micrographics is still a significant part of many of the IIMDA member companies. From selling ScanPros to our conversion service departments scanning microforms that perhaps we helped create decades ago, we continue to represent the best full service document management think tank in North America. I like to believe that being part of this group has allowed us to forge ahead with the gigantic change from micrographics to software.

2016 is an exciting year of all of us. We continue to work on BPO (Business Process Outsourcing), discovering new niches for our ECM products, creating a LEAN workplace and beefing up our marketing efforts. Our spring meeting in Vancouver offered each group a significant amount of information on the aforementioned topics. Now it’s time to start planning for our fall meeting in Kansas City. The Board is beginning to work on the topics for this meeting which will include some of the on-going conversations discussed from our spring meeting. As always, we welcome your input and ideas.

All the success in 2016,

Leah Swartzbaugh
President, IIMDA