Get your bags packed for Denver! This Spring IIMDA is heading to the mile-high city for a content-rich meeting! The Spring meeting is dedicated to making our businesses stronger from the inside out with amazing topics and guest speakers. Some key sessions to watch out for include:

Are you Secure and Compliant enough to Close the Deal?
We will examine the trends IIMDA members are experiencing when it comes to security and compliance, separate fact from fiction, and better understand the investment required to pass muster.

How to Mitigate Disruption to your Business Models
What are actual threats to your core competencies and what are simply jargon and buzzwords:  e.g., Kofax’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) BlockChain, AI, BOX, Ripcord.

And finally, special guest speaker, Jake Nicolle, will join us in Denver to present his unique approach to online B2B brand development, influencer marketing and social media strategy with the end goal of generating revenue. Jake is a partner with Rainforest Digital and host of “Novel Podcast”.

This is guaranteed to be an outstanding meeting so make sure you don’t miss it!