Friday, October 13th

  • Cocktail Party, Welcome Reception and Dinner

Saturday, October 14th

  • Mario Duckett presents on Revenue Diversification
  • John Trimble on “Who owns the main responsibility for demand creation in today’s world, corporate or the salesperson?”
  • Scanning Margins: Irene Price and Leah lead a discussion on coping with higher labor costs while scanning pricing falls.
  • Brian Kopack and Paul Engel lead a discussion on: What does modern project costing now have to accommodate? 
  • Kevin D’Arcy on what to look for in an internet marketing partner.
  • Cocktail Party and Dinner

Sunday, October 15th

  • Cannibals in our midst: Mario Duckett leads a discussion beginning with his insights on OpenText acquiring EMC and Hyland acquiring Perceptive. 
  • Bob Chamberlain and Dennis Kempner on the five things they would ask you to be hyper-aware of when selling your company.
  • “Product” can be the enemy as it is easy to sign up but a massive commitment to train sales and service. But great new products do emerge. Two roundtable questions:
    • Who in your organization vets new products and decides yes or no?
    • What new product – some mythical great new offering – would fill the biggest hole in your solution set if it did magically appear? Is it new functionality, is it price point? Connectivity?