IIMDA Board Releases 2019 Fall Meeting Agenda

Prince of Wales Hotel, Niagara-on-the-Lake – October 3rd – 5th

Thursday, October 3rd

  • Welcome Reception and Dinner

Friday, October 4th

  • Welcoming remarks and introductions by the IIMDA Board
  • The Challenger Sale “Taking Control of the Customer Conversation”
  • Instream RPA Demonstration and Partnership Opportunities
  • Can We Stop Calling Everything a Lead – Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Life before Document Management
  • Cybersecurity Guest Speaker
  • Things That Work
    • Company culture – How are you attracting, retaining, and growing top talent in a competitive job environment?
    • New markets, applications, or trends – Where have you seen new, replicable, growth?
    • Internal processes – What have you done recently to improve the efficiency of your internal operations and what has been the measurable result?
    • New software – Has your company adopted any new software that has helped you grow or address an internal challenge?
  • Reception and Dinner

Saturday, October 5th

  • Updates on membership, financials, and Spring meeting information
  • Learn How You Can Enhance Your Current Sales Team with Account Management
  • Future Shock:
    • Blockchain
    • RPA for Service Bureaus
    • Disruptors – Friend or Foe?
    • 5G and the Gig Economy – What Does it Mean for You?

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