Surviving the Future of Document Management: A Sneak Peak of the Fall Meeting

3 Big Reasons Not to Miss the Fall Meeting

The Board has been feverishly working away on another excellent meeting agenda and while you will be receiving the formal agenda shortly, we just couldn’t wait to share some of this meeting’s exciting events. As part of our commitment to the continued growth of our members and partners, this fall we are going to be focusing on the future of document management. We’ll be discussing new trends and talking points such as “content services”, “digital transformation” and “robotic process automation (RPA)”.

Nestled within a very strong meeting agenda, three key items jump out as Can’t-Miss events.

Good, Better, Best – Presenting Options to Close More Deals

Presented by Steve Todd of Polar Imaging, this session will focus on creative ways to position your scanning services.

Are your clients overwhelmed with options when they review your scanning services proposal? Have you considered packaging common services together to add a level of simplicity? Perhaps the “a la carte” option for pricing your scanning services isn’t the best method for all prospects. Too many options can be confusing when prospects are considering your scanning services. Polar Imaging has come up with a few standard scanning packages to simplify their offering that can be applied to the most common scanning projects. Understanding how to package their scanning services has helped them become more profitable and has also helped them develop partnerships with companies allowing them to resell our scanning services. Keeping it simple can have many benefits to grow your scanning services business.

Inbound Marketing Channels and Strategies to Grow Your Business

Facilitated by a special guest speaker from HubSpot, this session will dive into how inbound marketing channels and strategies can be used in B2B to grow your reach and get a measurable increase in ROI. From content and social media to paid digital ads and sales marketing alignment, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how these channels can impact your business’s growth. This interactive workshop will ensure you walk away with actionable items to improve your marketing and sales!

The “Death of Meaningful Terminology”

What does the term “Content Services” really mean? Is “Digital Transformation” just a classier way of saying “Going Paperless” or does it signal additional meaning? What industry terms (if any) make sense and are any understood by your clients? What is meaningful and what is just propaganda sloganeering typically co-opted by copier companies? How are other techno industries addressing this language gap?

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