Friday, April 8th

  • Cocktail Party, Welcome Reception and Dinner

Saturday, April 9th

  • Terry Fischer will present on the ECM Maturity Model
  • Kevin D’Arcy: Introduction to Content and Inbound Marketing
  • Jim Altig on “Traction”
  • John Trimble on how not to be a Chimp in a Box at Tradeshows, which types have value?
  • Paul Engle leads a discussion on “What’s the Perforated Line in What’s Covered? What Support (SMA) Agreements must have to protect your relationship with the Customer.”
  • Dennis Kempner leads a discussion on: “Should you be doing more lead gen as a company allowing you to have fewer salespeople?” Is this the immediate future?
  • Jeff Loreaux on “Working with Millennials”
  • Things that Work: The theme is “How Are You Creating RECURRING revenue versus REOCURRING revenue
  • Cocktail Party and Dinner

Sunday, April 10th

  • Future Shock. There are three interwoven topics that will make up this Meeting’s Future Shock discussion:
    • Lean business (discussion on Everything I Learned about Lean I learned in 1st grade)—Terry Fischer and Paul Engle present and lead discussion.
    • Grant Glasscock’s presentation on BPO and FIV versus QCD – meaning clients assume that vendors have similar Quality – Cost – Dependability so the challenge is to differentiate on Flexibility – Innovation – Velocity – struck a huge nerve. What have IIMDA companies done to incorporate that? Are interactions with prospects revealing this to be true even beyond BPO?
    • Brian Kopack states that projects and requirements are changing so rapidly in our space that IIMDA companies would be well served to view themselves every year as a startup…Why and what does this imply?