Friday, April 27th

  • Cocktail Party, Welcome Reception and Dinner

Saturday, April 28th

  • Do You Really Understand Modern Procurement Processes?
  • Are You Secure and Compliant Enough to Close the Deal?
  • Billing Strategies to Keep Cash Flow Moving for Large System and Professional Services Implementations.
  • Update on Scan to Zero and Data Acquisition
  • Things That Work
    • Part One: Roundtable on how your business is working to improve your margins?
    • Part Two: Your company is not Google or even Hyland so how do you maintain or create a sexy, challenging work environment with limited resources to attract and keep younger in-demand employee?
  • B2B Digital Marketing Strategy with special guest speaker, Jake Nicolle.
  • Cocktail Party and Dinner

Sunday, April 29th

  • Future Shock
    • Part One: Aaron Cole, with Kofax, provide an overview of their Robotic Process Automation (RPA) product, Kapow.
    • Part Two: “How to Mitigate Disruption to your Business Models.”
  • Marketing Is a Problem. Problems Need to Be Solved. Kevin D’Arcy introduces his new company, ThinkFuel Marketing.